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Iron Vortex Alerts Setup Guide

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Thanks for your interest in Iron Vortex Alert Package. This guide is designed help you through the process of installing the custom alerts for Iron Vortex.  

Before you start messing with your brand new alerts you might want to download a few fonts.





 Open Sans





Dark Red: #801916

Light Red: #ae5659

Beige: #d8d7c5


Iron Vortex Alert Package 

Iron Vortex brings the power of core strength to your stream. Flex hard and blast off with Iron Vortex Stream Package.

Tested with OBS Studios, StreamElements, Streamlabs OBS.

Installing Alerts – Streamelements

1. Login to your dashboard streamelements.com

2. Click on my overlays

3. Once your on the overlays page click the blue button top right corn that says create blank overlay

4. Overlay resolution. Click start

5. Rename file in top left corner to Alerts 

6. Click add widget

7. Click add alert box under alerts button

8. Click setting cog on follower alert

9. Clear default sound

10. Click change video and upload all needed .webm files from your download folder

11. Select Follower .webm file

12. Layout  click first box (text over image)

13. Under text settings change font to desired font we suggest Open Sans 

14. Change top margin to 520 under advanced tab. (Change animation to wiggle and color to white)

15. Click animation settings change text animation to fade in and fade out with a 1 second delay

16. Repeat these steps for all needed alerts and your are finished

Installing Alerts – Streamlabs OBS

1. Login to your dashboard at https://streamlabs.com

2. Click Alert Box

3. Click Donations

4. Click Select image and upload all alerts .webm files from download folder 1 at at time or it will not work. 

5. After selecting the Donation .webm file clear the default sound

6. Alert duration is 10 seconds and text delay is 1 second

6. Disable donator message

7. Change font size to 38 and font weight to 600

8.  Send test alert to make sure everything is working properly

9. Repeat above steps for all needed alerts.  

Usage Terms

 The end user may use this Alert Package (Iron Vortex) for personal or commercial use. It is intended for one (1) user and one (1) device only. These usage permissions do not expire. Re-distribution is strictly prohibited.  All graphics alerts and images are property of WRB Media unless written permission is granted. All is outlined in our Terms of services.

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