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Neo Setup Guide

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Thanks for your interest in Neo stream package. This guide is designed help you through the process of installing a custom stream package. 

Before you start messing with your brand new stream package you might want to download a few fonts.





 Open Sans





Dark Blue: #0a112b

Light Blue: #00b3d4

Cyan: #2decec

Pink: #eb0eda

Neo Stream Package 

Gritty yet clean, Neo Stream Pack is designed to glitch your stream up a notch. The bold colors mixed with subtitle lines combine to offer a look in to the future. Take the red pill beyond the deception of your current setup.

Tested with OBS Studios, StreamElements, Streamlabs OBS.

Installing Overlays – Streamelements

1. Login to your dashboard streamelements.com

2. Click on My overlays

3. Once your on the overlays page click the blue button top right corn that says create blank overlay

4. Overlay resolution. Click start

5. Rename file in top left corner to Alerts 

6. Click add Widget

7.  Click add video under Static/Custom button

8. Click change video

9. Click upload in top right corn of pop up

10. Drag and drop all desired overlay .webm files from the download folder

Installing Overlays –  OBS

1. Open OBS or OBS Studio

2. Select Scene you want overlay to live on

3. Navigate to download folder and drag desired overlay to OBS

4. Double click on video in scene panel and click loop

5. Position overlay to desired location on screen

6. Add camera source and make sure layer is below looped video layer


Installing Scenes – Streamlabs OBS

1. Open Streamlabs OBS

2. Click settings cog in bottom left corner

3. Click Scene Collections

4. Click Import Overlay File

5. Navigate the download folder and import Streamlabs-OBS.overlay file

6. Ya done. 

Installing Scenes OBS  

1. Open OBS or OBS Studio

2. Click (+) on Scenes panel bottom Left corner

3. Name new Scene Starting Scene

4. Navigate to Download folder and drag Starting .webm to OBS

5. Once Video file is in Source panel, double click on video source and click loop

 6. You can now add optional Social media text by clicking (+) on Source and add Text.

Setting up Stinger Transtion  

1. Click setting cog on Scene Transition section

2. Click properties

3. Browse to Download folder and import Transition .webm file

4. Make transition Point 1500 ms

5. Click OK

Working Files  

No third party software is required to use our products but working files require Adobe Photoshop in order to edit original files. 

Usage Terms

 The end user may use this stream package (Neo) for personal or commercial use. It is intended for one (1) user and one (1) device only. These usage permissions do not expire. Re-distribution is strictly prohibited.  All graphics alerts and images are property of WRB Media unless written permission is granted. All is outlined in our Terms of services.

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