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Rekt Kinetic Stream Package


A stream design with no boundaries, REKT Kinect takes kinetic design to the 9th dimension and beyond. Dark and stylish movement mixed with classic lines and attention to detail.

Tested with OBS Studios, StreamElements, Streamlabs OBS.

This package includes:

Full Package

✅ Includes all files from Overlay, Alerts and Static Packages

 ✅ Stinger Transition

Overlay Package

✅ Animated 16:9 overlay (2 variations)

✅ Animated 4:3 overlay (2 variations)

✅ Animated green screen bar

✅ Animated supporter bar

✅ Animated stream screens ( starting, ending, just chatting, offline)

✅ Animated chat box

Alerts Package

Animated Alerts :

✅ New subscriber

✅ New follower

✅ Incoming raid

✅ Incoming host

✅ New donation

✅ New cheer

Static Package

✅ 16:9 Overlay (2 variations)

✅ 4:3 Overlay (2 variations)

✅ Green screen bar

✅ Supporter bar

✅ Twitch panels (Blank, about, discord, donate, Facebook, follow, hardware, Instagram, merch, rules, schedule, subscribe, top supporter, Twitter, Youtube

✅ Stream screens ( starting, ending, just chatting, offline)

✅ Chat Box

✅ Profile image

✅ Profile banners (Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)

REKT Kinetic – Stinger Transition  

REKT Kinetic Stinger Transition only comes with the full REKT Kinetic Stream package.

REKT Kinetic – Alert Package  

REKT Kinetic Alert Package doesn’t fit in to the conventional alert box, if you’re sick of being square this package is for you.

Works With:

OBS, Streamlabs OBS, Stream Elements, OBS Live, OBS Studio