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Spectrum Stream Package


Spectrum Stream package shares contemporary lines with all the RGB cycles you can handle.

Tested with OBS Studios, StreamElements, Streamlabs OBS.

This package includes:

Full Package

✅ Includes all files from Overlay, Alerts and Static Packages

 ✅ Stinger Transition

Overlay Package

✅ Animated 16:9 overlay (2 variations)

✅ Animated 4:3 overlay (2 variations)

✅ Animated green screen bar

✅ Animated supporter bar

✅ Animated stream screens ( starting, ending, just chatting, offline)

✅ Animated chat box

Alerts Package

Animated Alerts :

✅ New subscriber

✅ New follower

✅ Incoming raid

✅ Incoming host

✅ New donation

✅ New cheer

Static Package

✅ 16:9 Overlay (2 variations)

✅ 4:3 Overlay (2 variations)

✅ Green screen bar

✅ Supporter bar

✅ Twitch panels (Blank, about, discord, donate, Facebook, follow, hardware, Instagram, merch, rules, schedule, subscribe, top supporter, Twitter, Youtube

✅ Stream screens ( starting, ending, just chatting, offline)

✅ Chat Box

✅ Profile image

✅ Profile banners (Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)

Spectrum – Alert Package  

Spectrum Alert Package shares contemporary lines with the with all the RGB cycles you can handle. Bring a new level of class and color to your live streams. Best thing of all, it is included in this package. 

Works With:

OBS, Streamlabs OBS, Stream Elements, OBS Live, OBS Studio